Framed Spiragraph Woodcut


  • Image of Framed Spiragraph Woodcut

Spiragraph design cut into 3mm poplar and mounted in a black box frame.

Size: 23x23cm

Image of Quadrant Tree
Quadrant Tree
Image of Fibonacci Spiral Scene
On sale
Fibonacci Spiral Scene
Image of Woodcut White Nancy Picture
Woodcut White Nancy Picture
Image of Mounted woodcut bee
Mounted woodcut bee
Image of Family Tree Woodcut
Family Tree Woodcut
Image of Woodcut Bee Scene
Woodcut Bee Scene
Image of Tree Silhouette Scene
Tree Silhouette Scene
Image of The Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank woodcut picture
The Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank woodcut picture
Image of Framed Bee Woodcut
Framed Bee Woodcut
Image of Spiral Artwork
Spiral Artwork
Image of Miniature Woodcut Picture - Heart
Miniature Woodcut Picture - Heart
Image of Miniature Woodcut Picture - Entangled
Miniature Woodcut Picture - Entangled
Image of Miniature Woodcut Picture - Stag
Miniature Woodcut Picture - Stag
Image of Tree with Swing Silhouette
Tree with Swing Silhouette
Image of Small Tree
Small Tree
Image of Entangled Wooden Scene
Entangled Wooden Scene
Image of Couple In The Forest
Couple In The Forest
Image of Road cyclist
Road cyclist
Image of Mountain Biker
Mountain Biker
Image of Large Layered Meadow Scene
Large Layered Meadow Scene
Image of Geometric Pattern Scene
Geometric Pattern Scene
Image of Small Layered Meadow
On sale
Small Layered Meadow
Image of Medium Layered Meadow
Medium Layered Meadow
Image of Sweet Cicely Scene
On sale
Sweet Cicely Scene
Image of Rose Silhouette
Sold out
Rose Silhouette
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