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NEW Sweary Wooden Brooches

£7.00 - £25.00 Coming soon
NEW Sweary Wooden Brooches

Do you have a mouth like a sailor? Or do you know someone who does. Then these gorgeous wooden brooches will be right up your street!

Using some of my favourite swearwords, we've put together a range of new designs all cut into Indian Rosewood. Each wood is engraved into the wood, and then finished with a light wax. There are 8 designs available, so choose your favourite and wear your profanity with pride.

*fuck it*
*piss off*
*fuck off*
*oh bugger*

Each badge is 25mm diameter and 5mm thick. They have a chrome pin and butterfly clasp on the rear and they all come with free postage.

Buy 4 badges for only £25

(When buying a set of 4, please detail which ones you want at checkout)