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Bird at Holywell Bay Papercut Artwork

Bird at Holywell Bay Papercut Artwork

Early last year we found ourselves at the very lovely Holywell Beach in Cornwall. After exploring the caves and messing around in the sea we made our way back to the car park. The light was incredible, everywhere had a strange other worldly glow, and I spotted this windswept crow perched on the top of a fence in perfect silhouette. I quickly took a photo and went on my way.

12 months later and this is the first of our new papercut pieces to be created. Using a double cut technique, with a black front immediately shadowed by a gold relief, the piece is mounted in a black box frame. Hopefully I've managed to capture some of the magic of that original photograph.

Subtle, pensive, but still majestic. We hope you like this new artwork.

Size: 10x10"

Weight: 1000g

All our pieces are packed and posted using recycled and recyclable materials