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Framed Paper Cut Sweet Cicely

Framed Paper Cut Sweet Cicely

The Sweet Cicely plant, or Myrrhis odorata to give its latin name, is a species of plant native to the UK that is known for its medicinal qualities. Which is how we came across it as my mum studied the plant as part of her training as a herbal doctor.

The plant has a fantastic leaf structure, and we were lucky enough to be able to take a really crisp photograph of these leaves to create one of our first original pieces.
Place it in a well lit space and it will come to life perfectly, and be a welcome additional to the decor of any contemporary home.

Frame: Black Box Frame
Size: 28.5 x 28.5cm
The black box frame is as eco-friendly as we could find, being made from recycled polystyrene. It also benefits from a glass front.