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Framed Papercut Artwork of Alderley Edge

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Framed Papercut Artwork of Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge is a local landmark to us, and is a viewpoint over the Cheshire Plain. It's a stunning spot, very beautiful and steeped in local legend (King Arthur supposedly sleeps underneath the edge and will awaken and ride out with his army in England's hour of need!!)

A few weeks ago we were taking a stroll with our kids and I took a really gorgeous photo looking out from the forest into the fields that surround the area. The sheep were grazing lazily and it was a view that we've appreciated many times.

From that photo I was inspired to create this new layered woodcut scene. The full trees overhanging a gorgeous rough cut fence, the sheep grazing in the lush fields against a beautiful sky just turning gold with the setting sun. I hope that I've been able to do that view justice with this picture.

Cut into multiple layers of coloured card and mounted in one of new recycled box frames the picture sits beautifully against a golden sky. The sheep are individually cut and mounted into position on the scene. When lit from above it will create a magical shadow effect on the back of the mount.

Size: 405x305x35mm
Weight: Approx 900g