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Full Moon Engraved and Mounted Artwork

Full Moon Engraved and Mounted Artwork

Recently I've found myself really entranced by the moon. I think I always have been, but the Full Milk Moon at the end of February 2021 really got to me and prompted me to continue working on a full moon design that had been on our desk for a while.

The finished product is a really exciting piece of art and looks incredible. The image of the moon has been designed from a number of high resolution photographs and details the craters and topography of the moon itself. This detail is engraved into a thick white and cream core card, which really brings out the detail perfectly.

The moon itself is mounted fixed into the frame so that it floats off the backing. The mount at the back has a range of stars cut in to it shining white behind the moon. We've even included Saturn and Mars in the starscape behind the piece.

This gorgeous picture is a true recreation of the moon itself and we're really happy with how it has come out. The picture is framed in a 10 x10" box frame and comes with a glass front, as well as a hanging point and stand on the rear.

All our work is packaged using recyclable and recycled materials.