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Live Forever Woodcut Artwork

Live Forever Woodcut Artwork

I grew up during the great Britpop experiment, and was always firmly in the Oasis camp. Looking back on that time now it's difficult not to recognise that impact they had on the nation, and Noel G certainly smashed out some fine tunes.

There's a hundred lyrics we could have chosen for this picture, but I wanted a song that I love, and a lyric that could have multiple meanings. I also wanted a lyric that would immediately trigger the song in the viewers head.

The words are all individually cut and mounted on a blue backing in one of our eco friendly lack frames. They come with glass front and look fab. The perfect addition to your gallery wall, and the ideal gift for any Oasis fans out there.

The frame is 16x12" . All our pieces are packed using recycled and recyclable materials.