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Monstera Leaf Drinks Coasters - Set of 4

Monstera Leaf Drinks Coasters - Set of 4

I am getting a little obsessed with Monstera Plants. We have a little one in our house and now I want a big one. The woodcut picture we made is now living on our wall and the design has been such a joy to work with that it was only a matter of time before I put together some Drinks Coasters.

These fabulously funky coasters come as a set of 4 with their own gift box. They are engraved and cut into our 6mm poplar and finished in a lovely rosewood colour. They look fantastic.

As with all our coasters we use a Danish finishing oil to seal the wood which gives them a level of water resistance and means that they are robust enough for everyday use. They should stay looking fantastic for many years to come.

So if you're a plant obsessive like me, and you're looking for something magical to put your brew on, then these could be the thing for you.

All our coasters are sold as a set of 4. We post out using recycled and recyclable materials.