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Framed Family Tree

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Framed Family Tree

On Valentine's Day 2014 my wife presented me with a wonderful version of our tree design, cut into watercolour card and personalised as a extra large card.

The card was so beautiful that I wanted to have it framed, which we did between two panes of glass to catch the shadow the tree casts whenever it catches the light.

We're super happy with the result, and have begun offering the personalised options for sale. We can include a range of information, from initials and quotes, to birthday, anniversaries and special dates. We've even begun including child and grand child names on the branches, along with the date of birth, to make this a family tree.

The scene is cut into white watercolour card. It is framed between 2 panes of glass to keep it straight and is mounted off a grey or gold backing.

The scenes can accommodate up to 25 names in the branches, with full names or initials on the trunk in a heart. Each piece can be personalised further on request. To order, click to buy and we will contact you directly to arrange the details and a design of the tree before we cut it.

We're really pleased to offer this gorgeous picture in 2 sizes, 40x40cm and 50x50cm.

Any questions please send us a message through the contact us page.