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Shutlingsloe - Engraved wooden picture

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Shutlingsloe - Engraved wooden picture

We're so pleased to be able to finally release our Shutlingsloe woodcut picture. It's taken some doing, but we finally feel that the picture really represents the landmark.

Shutlingsloe is a local hill near us in Macclesfield, you can see it from anywhere in the town and its one of our favourite places. This piece has been created from an original photograph and shows the stone steps leading up to the marker on the top of the hill. If you are from Macclesfield or the surrounding area you will know these steps all too well.

Cut into a single piece of Birch veneer, stained, oiled and then mounted into a 16 x 12" box frame, this is a piece that walkers and nature enthusiasts from the local area will cherish for many years.

The picture comes with a glass front, and will be posted out using only recycled and recyclable materials.