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£65.00 - £115.00

Sweet Cicely Woodcut Table Set - Placemats & Coasters

Image of Sweet Cicely Woodcut Table Set - Placemats & Coasters

Our Sweet Cicely drinks coasters have been one of our most popular products since we released them a few years ago, and we've been thinking of releasing them as a placemat for ages.

As is usually the case it took someone actually requesting a set to kick us into gear and actually make them, but the result was so amazing that we've decided to release these as a whole brand new product just in time for Christmas 2020.

The Sweet Cicely design is cut into our poplar veneer and finished in a light rosewood colour. Each piece is then oiled with a finishing oil that will give them a good level of protection and water resistance.

They Come as a set of 4, 6 & 8 Placemats and Coasters. Each set will be sent out with gift boxes.

The placemats are 25cm diameter and the coasters are 9cm.

This will hopefully be the start of an exciting new range, so keep your eyes peeled for lots of new designs coming soon