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Two for Joy - Magpies Papercut

Two for Joy - Magpies Papercut

Magpies are such a striking bird, and they are a fantastic animal to create intricate papercut artwork from. This design was created from several photographs, composited together to create a wonderfully powerful monochrome picture.

The idea came from the childhood rhyme, 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, and is meant to display the Magpies at their most energetic. They have a real powerful nature to them that other birds lack.

The inspiration for creating these unique laser cut pictures was to capture the shadow on the back of the box frame. With such great depth in the box frame a dramatic shadow is always cast and creates a 3d effect. As the pictures capture different lights during the day and evening the shadows will subtly change.

This picture would be an ideal gift for a bird lover.

H28.5 x W28.5 x D4cm, approx 680g